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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Arsenal FC - new Emirates Stadium Artwork... @arsenal @gaygooners More artwork here follow this link ->

As you may know, Arsenal FC are putting new artwork up around the exterior of the Emirates Stadium from this weekend. And it looks fab!
The artwork has been created by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller, artist Reuben Dangoor, and graphic designer David Rudnick and celebrates the club's heritage, culture and community.
There will be eight large pieces - each inspired and distilled from ideas coming from Arsenal supporters.
Seven have been completed so far, and one, called "Found A Place Where We Belong", will be completed in the coming weeks. This final piece will contain a large number of fans images. Including me!
Currently this final piece is represented as a photo-montage but the final version will be a graphic version. It's taking an hour or so to convert each fan photo to it's graphic equivalent - hence the delay.
All the artwork and videos about its creation are currently on display (until Saturday only) in a gallery in Islington. So, for those who can't make it to London or to the UK and want to see it all in copious detail, feel free to flick through the stupidly large number of photos I took this morning when I went.
As I left the gallery one of the curators said to me, "I'm not sure how many more people we'll be getting here today, but I doubt we'll have any as enthusiastic as you!" :-)


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