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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Pride 22 - The Parade - @gaygooners @arsenal @PrideInLondon #AllOurPride Read about the GG Pride 2022 and more photos here ->

Last Saturday was Pride in London. And it was epic. The build-up, the arrival, the bus, the Parade, and the after-party.
All meticulously planned by Carl, Joe, aided by the GG committee, all the GG volunteers, and the whole Arsenal team. It was a joy. These things don't just happen by themselves. The GG gang have been hard at work making sure everything ran like clockwork on the big day, and it did.
We laughed, we sang (thank you Angus!), we drank (only a bit!), we danced (my poor feet!), we cheered and we cheered some more.
The flags were waved, the smiles were broadened, and the joy was there to see on everyone's faces.
For many it was their first Pride - for me it was my 38th - but I can confidently say it was the best.
Thank one and all. Thank you for organising. Thank you for coming. Thank you for being you.
Here's to the next one!
[Feel free to re-use any photos but please can you credit me if you repost them. Thanks.]

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