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Thursday, July 07, 2022

Bye Bye Boris Zingers...

Impressive explanation from Boris Johnson. Surely any misgivings about his leadership have been put to bed once and for all. (Said nobody)

I sort of envy him. Having such a thick skin. To be live on national telly in a parliamentary chamber where his enemies, colleagues, friends (with only a few exceptions) utterly hate him. To be shown up to be a liar, a destroyer of his own party, of the office of PM. To have the gall to try and deflect, to try and excuse, to say he was distracted with other things. I wish I was that thick skinned. I’d be invincible. 👊

A tough day for Boris, he has now received almost as many resignation letters as he did Father’s Day cards.

Fresh Crisis: Shortage of House of Commons headed paper at the current rate of resignations.

Johnson currently trying to decide which family to spend more time with.

Third Prime Minister in a row to be brought down by Boris Johnson.

Carrie Johnson faces a race against time after buying a wallpaper steamer from Tesco.

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