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Monday, July 11, 2022

Beauty and the Beast the Musical @ London Palladium... “KILL THE BEAST!”

The other Wednesday Roger treated me to a trip up west to see Beauty and the Beast the Musical at the London Palladium in London's glitzy West End.
We both love that show. We really do. And of all the productions of BatBtM we have seen together (and boy, we have seen a lot) this one was...  well... middling.
No, no, it was fine. It really was. And the dancing, magic and chorography were all tip top. The big production numbers - Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest - were great too.  I mean you can't mess up Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice's masterpiece, right?
It's just that the actor playing Belle was a tad underpowered perhaps. The set was fine - but only fine - perhaps betraying its touring roots somewhat. And orchestra played with gusto - rather than their instruments - boom! boom!
Something was missing. The show didn't enchant, it just entertained. It didn't delight, it merely satisfied. 
It wasn't a banquet, just supper. No lavish meal, just food. A soup and salad, not a five course feast. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes.
Next time, Rog, next time.


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