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Friday, May 13, 2022

Fab lunch out with Myrtle. We laughed and laughed….

Fab lunch out with Myrtle. We laughed and laughed. 

Topics: the Jubilee, why lunch guests never leave, female job opportunities and empowerment, Heartstopper, why gay bars open and close as regularly, Eurovision, how you know if you have good neighbours, the name of the horse her uncle (my grand uncle) rode to the first world war, the best Argentine wines, how to ask for help, fitting into beach wear after lockdown, how we both hate Liz Truss, how we both hate Johnson even more, Putin’s Czar complex, the illusiveness of self confidence, French vs Spanish gendered nouns, the calorific content of mushrooms, and what our tombstones would say (mine would be ‘Carpe Diem’, hers she didn’t mind). 

As Myrtle was reaching for her bag to pay (she insisted) the guy at the next table leaned over, “is that your mum? Lucky you.”

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