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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Blindness @ Donmar Warehouse...

A week or two ago Stuart and I went to see the immersive sound production of José Saramago’s Blindness at the Donmar Warehouse in London’s glitzy Covent Garden.

A single person becomes infected with a new disease. Their doctor is baffled. Then the others in the doctor’s waiting room come down with it too. So does the doctor. It’s infectious. Very. More and more people get it. A pandemic starts as it spreads from person to person. No symptoms are apparent at first - until the disease strikes. The Government’s reaction is shock, denial, and lack-lustre differing. And then when more people get it the Government goes into overdrive and rounds the infected up and puts them into camps - disused hospitals or compounds. Food is provided but little else. Soon lawlessness, factionism, and violent infighting break out. The infected are left to rot. The pandemic spreads despite the lockdown though. Society breaks down. A dystopian world with no end in sight. But then...

All told in darkness and with the audience wearing headphones Juliet Stevenson plays the doctor’s wife and narrates the tale. The lack of vision coupled with the headphones creates an amazing 3D soundscape around each person. Whispering in your ear just behind your shoulder one moment to crashing, smashing chaos the next.

A great idea, brilliant executed.

Oh, and the disease that causes the pandemic? Blindness.    


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