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Friday, July 10, 2020

Short review - First pub crawl in 4 months #TheHoratia @HammertonBrew

Short review - First pub crawl* in 4 months:

The Horatia in Holloway Road was moderately busy. Lots of social distancing of course. All staff in masks. “Have you booked?” Had to give name and number at the door. All the tables / booths far apart. Wooden/perspex screens set up. Table service. Low 60s music. Lots of laughter. Mainly couples or mates out for sneaky one.

House of Hammerton was busier. Lots of space in between tables, of course. No perspex screens though. Didn’t need to give name at door. We just walked in. They required an app to order. Which you download when you get there. Luckily free WiFi helps. The app obv requires your name and number to work. Fuller beer menu. Trendier music. Younger crowd. The boys were cuter than in The Horatia. Beards seemed obligatory. 😉

* Ok, only two pubs, but baby steps.


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