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Thursday, July 16, 2020

I May Destroy You...

I May Destroy You is probably the best TV show we have watched this year.

Written by and starring the amazingly talented Michaela Coel the show is powerful, funny, nerve jangling, at times a tough watch, and thought provoking.

Loosely based on Michaela's own personal experience with sexual assault, I May Destroy You follows Arabella, a budding novelist who is on a tight deadline. To rid herself of writer's block, she decides to have a night out with friends. The next morning, she realizes she has no recollection of the night's events, only to discover she had been drugged and raped.

Each episode deals with a different aspect or type of consent. And as it navigates its way through these nuances, the show offers a genuinely alarming look inside rape culture, while also highlighting themes of friendship and sexual agency.

Just watch it. It's great. And that last episode... that last episode... is a kicker.

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