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Saturday, November 17, 2018

India Day 19 : The Lake Palace

I must just tell you about where we have been staying in Udaipur. We have spent the last two nights at the glorious Lake Palace  and it is everything we had been lead to believe it was and more. 

Perched upon its unique location - a tiny island on Lake Pichola - it is a pure white marble marvel. 

One of the most photographed hotels in the world, A former pleasure palace - the hotel commands views of the City Palace which are magnificent and uninterrupted. The interiors are extremely atmospheric and have been carefully restored to their 250 year old glory offering intricate decor. The walls are made of white marble adorned by semi-precious stones and ornamented niches. Gardens, fountains, pillared terraces and columns line its courtyards. 

There is the bar where the king sat, three lovely restaurants, a health centre, two jacuzzis, a wonderfully designed swimming pool, shops and a mangrove pool. They conduct free sunset lake tours, have cooking classes, nightly shadow dancing, a piper plays an India flute gently during early morning yoga, and nothing is too much trouble. 

We got here by private launch (available free and on demand) and we were greeted by warm smiles, a red velvet umbrella to protect us from the midday sun, a welcoming ceremony and hundreds of red rose petals being scattered on us from the rooftop. 

Our room was opulent to say the least, the service unmatched (private butler!), and we were treated like kings. 

We simply loved it. A great way to finish our Indian adventure. 

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