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Monday, August 22, 2016


Stuart and I arrived in Sitges safe and sound. We're staying in Parrots Hotel - yes, I know! - but actually it's pleasant enough. We're on the roof in the 'penthouse' and it is high above all the noise from the street. In fact the room is clean, bright and perfectly comfortable. We got a bottle of cava on arrival, a large bottle of water each day, beach towels, two Parrots VIP cards (whatever the hell they are), free sun umbrellas and breakfast too. So not bad.

Andy and Kev are in the same hotel. Tim and Mindy, Richard and Andre are staying in an apartment just round the corner. 

Yesterday we had a few hours on the beach - the sea was lovely and warm, the beers lovely and cold.

Evenings have been spent in Parrots Bar followed by dinner and a trip to El Horno.  Not much changes here.

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