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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bosnia: Border Guard...

Hello everyone! How was your day? Well, ours was less than ideal. We got arrested in Bosnia!

It was at the Croatian Bosnian border. We didn't see the Police Stop sign so he shouted at us to stop. Then it got a bit hairy. They had guns!

The border guard got me out of the hire car. Walked me along the road and back. Emptied out our suitcases... Wanted to know if we had drugs... Searched the car... Accused us of stealing shampoo(!), of bringing goods into the country to sell without paying tax...  It got a bit stupid. He caught me smirking (at how ridiculous it all was). Big mistake! He did not find it funny.  I'd seen Midnight Express. I knew how this plays out. 

He said we had broken the law. But then he implied we would have to pay a fine. Ah, a FINE. So that was it. 

After a while his two mates came in and they all had an animated chat looking at me trying to look contrite. Then suddenly our passports and car documents were returned and we were told to go. We sped off top speed. Ah, a lovely welcome to Bosnia.


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