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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

You Me Bum Bum Train (delayed departure)...

We were due to ride You Me Bum Bum Train last night but it got cancelled. Or more accurately "delayed". We would have been the first passengers of the current journey too.

"Due to a technical problem we are going to have to cancel tonight's show. This is the first time in Bum Bum Train history that we have had to do this and we are really sorry that it has fallen on the night that you have tickets for."

And let me say straight away that I have no beef with that at all.  And we have been offered tickets for later in the run when hopefully the show will be super slick.

You Me Bum Bum Train is an amazing experience and as both Stuart and I have been lucky enough to take the ride before we know how hard it is to pull off. Better to get it right.

But it occurred to me that maybe not all of my fellow passengers would be quite as understanding so I wrote to the YMBBT production team to try and say something nice in what must be a stressful period for them.

"Dear All,

Thank you for all your hard work and sorry to hear about the delays. It'll be an even better more brilliant show than ever for the extra time allowed to get it right.  Any delays on such an amazing show are simply an indication of just how wonderful it is going to be. Please pass on my thanks to everyone working on the show. We are so looking forward to it and know it will be worth everyone's tireless efforts.

I'm all too familiar with deadlines and know that there is always pressure to go live. But all the incredible work you are all doing deserves to been seen in the best possible light. As a train rider I will remember the wonderful memories you guys are creating for many years to come and not the trivial inconvenience of waiting a few weeks to experience what I know will be an amazing ride. I feel lucky and privileged to have secured a ticket. I feel like its a golden ticket for a Willy Wonka ride of a life time.


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