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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Fascinating Aida...

Last night Stu and I went to the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London's glitzy Southbank to see cabaret's own, its very own, Fascinating Aida.

Having seen them perhaps a dozen times since the mid-1980s I knew what to expect but being Stu's first time he was in for a treat.

And the gals didn't disappoint.

Two hours of great songs old and new they assaulted us with their very witty show Charm Offensive.

Bulgarian Song Cycle was back with new fresh outrageous lyrics.
Dogging made a return.
Look Mummy, No Hands was as poignant as ever.
Taboo made a welcome return.
New song Adele's Song was simply inspired - 10 years in the writing it was Adele's coming out story of being a transsexual and got the tone just right.
Cheap Flights - being their greatest hit - finished off the evening.

Oh, apart from a very rude song about Christmas!

Well done ladies. Another great show. Sweet FA!

Here's the full set-list:-

We’re Next
We’re Not Done Yet
Boomerang Kid
Spending Nigel’s Bonus
First Bulgarian Song Cycle 2013
Double Dip
Facebook Blues
Look Mummy No Hands
Down With The Kids

Allo, Bonjour Monsieur!
Ofsted Song (or A Teacher's Lot Is Not A Happy One)
Little Girls In Pink
Beetroot Song
Second Bulgarian Song Cycle 2013
Out of Practice
Old Home
Prisoner Of Gender
Cheap Flights
Your Home Town

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