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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Marc Almond...

On Sunday night Darren, Mark, Denz and I went to see the fabulous Marc Almond perform at the Union Chapel.

The man has a back catalogue to die for, can literally call the tunes and can put together a great show. And a great show it was. There were loads of old favourites to revel in. No Soft Cell stuff but the entire Motherfist and Her Five Daughters album end to end. A few nice Lou Reed songs too.

Marc seemed full of energy - some of it nervous energy I'm guessing - as he had a lot of songs to remember. He performed with loads of gusto though and commanded the whole stage. A few anecdotes about David Bowie, Antony Hegarty and Lou Reed and a few comic asides peppered the show.

The only slight downside was perhaps the sound in the venue. The vocals were muffled and overwhelmed by the band. It meant that casual fans who perhaps hadn't heard say Mr Sad or The Hustler before were deprived of the lyrics.

Stand out song for me was In My Room that had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

Set list included:-

I Have Lived
Burn Bright
The Dancing Marquis
The Last Tasmanian Tiger
Child Star
I Who Never
Catch A Fallen Star
The Little White Cloud That Cried
In My Room
Caroline Says
The Bed
Pale Blue Eyes
Mother Fist
There Is a Bed
Saint Judy
The Room Below
Angel in Her Kiss
The Hustler
Melancholy Rose
Mr Sad
The Sea Says
The Champ
Ruby Red
The River


Sleaze / Walk on the Wild Side

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