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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Last Friday night Darren and I went to see Blancmange perform at The Garage in London's glitzy Highbury Corner.

Ostensibly to promote new remix project Happy Families Too Neil Arthur and the band (sans Stephen Luscombe) took us on a gambol through their hits revisiting most of albums Happy Families, Mange Tout and Blanc Burn.

It was a fun show and Lancastrian Arthur really got the crowd going with his jokes, interaction and general mucking about.

Set list included:-

I've Seen the Word
Feel Me
Living on the Ceiling
Blind Vision
That's Love, That It Is
What's Your Problem
I Can't Explain
Game Above My Head
Don't Tell Me
Sad Day
By the Bus Stop @ Woolies
Radio Therapy
The Western
God's Kitchen

Sadly no The Day Before You Came this time around though.

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