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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Up the Women...

Last Sunday Stuart and I went to BBC Television Centre to see the first recording of Up The Women! A new BBC4 comedy with Jessica Hynes (her off of Spaced), Rebecca Front (her off of The Thick of It) and Vicki Pepperdine (her off of Getting On).

It's 1910 and we're in Banbury church hall at the Banbury Intricate Craft Circle. Margaret has been to London and discovered the Women's Suffrage movement so she decides they need to set up their own movement and The Banbury Intricate Craft Circle becomes the hilariously ineffectual Banbury Intricate Craft Circle politely request women's Suffrage.

Gwen is the only member who actually enjoys the craft element of the meetings, while Helen thinks that craft is, a little, unnecessary, but she's not interested in women's rights: "What on earth do women need a vote for? My husband votes for who I tell him to vote for. What could be a better system than that?"

Climb aboard for suffragette witty!
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