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Monday, March 18, 2013

Claudia Brücken...

Last Saturday night Simon and I went to watch high-class synth Teuton Claudia Brücken perform at The Borderline in London's glitzy West End.

Promoting her recent covers album "The Lost are Found" the ex-Act, ex-Propaganda ice-queen vocalist gave a suitably deadpan, note-perfect performance in wonderfully stark contrast to her dreamy song choices. It was a juxtaposition that really worked.

Julee Cruise's “Mysteries of Love” from the Blue Velvet soundtrack, Stina Nordenstam's “Memories of a Color”, Bowie's 2002 single “Everyone Says Hi”, the Bee Gees' “Whispering Pines” all slipped and slid around us. We found ourselves getting drawn into every song.

There were crowd pleasers too from the luscious "Dr Mabuse" to the sing-a-long "Duel".

The band were great too. And the venue intimate. All in all a great night out.

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