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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anti-anti-same-sex Marriage Rally...

On Sunday afternoon French protesters alongside various English religious groups organised an anti-same-sex marriage rally in Trafalgar Square. Anglican Mainstream were urging Christians to turn up to protest "the sterile adult-centred nature of same sex marriage". What they didn't want to admit was their thinly veiled anti-gay agenda. This wasn't about marriage it was pure and simply anti-gay.

Naturally I (and a hundred or so other like/right-minded people) felt the need to attend and venture an alternative point of view. And shout their homophobia down. So we had our own anti-anti-same-sex marriage rally. The way you do.

So at 2:30pm I was standing in the freezing cold along with Dilwyn and Johan listening to Gallic homophobia ranting. First the speaker would rant in French and then we heard a slightly calmer English translation. Initially it was fairly good natured. They would have their say something daft and then we would chant "Shame on you!"

But when a speaker said, "I've got no problem with people BUT..." we shouted out "Everything before the 'but' is bullshit!" Not particularly catchy however I think he got our point.

It turned a bit nastier when they realised we wouldn't be silenced. I had to remind a few people shouting in my face that it was a free country. Gosh there are some awful homophobes there.

Something that amused us was that despite being a French protest they seemed oblivious that it was Gallic-crushing Nelson who was looking down on them from his atop his column - with what I like to think of as a sneer on his stony face.

If there had been a few cuter people at our counter-demo I might have suggested a kiss-in. I might be a woolly minded political activist but I'm not an complete idiot.
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  1. It's disappointing to hear this going on in the capital city in this day and age. But I am glad there were people there to defend my rights.

    It's sad that homophobia still exists, but I am glad that the vast majority of hetrosexual people in this country have recoginsed what gay, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people offer society. That they also recognise the true meaning of diversity and how it benefits society as a whole.


  2. wow amazing quote,, being a Human Right Solicitor i really support your blog


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