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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Chorus Line Cancelled...

What the hell is going on? We went into London last night to go the London Palladium to see A Chorus Line but the theatre was all shut up. The performance had been cancelled.

Luckily the Palladium Box Office was open and they said the show had been cancelled. They also said that See Tickets had told them that they had contacted everyone who had bought tickets and told of the cancellation. THIS WAS NOT TRUE. I was not called or got any email about the cancellation - and no, there isn't anything in my junk mail folder about it either.

I am very angry and frankly disgusted at See Tickets. They have my email address. They have my telephone number. They should have contacted me. The Palladium have asked me to keep them informed about what See Tickets now do. Rest assured I will. What dreadful customer service!

UPDATE: I got a very sniffy reply from See Tickets Customer 'Care'. The show was actually cancelled back on 22nd Nov! and See Tickets issued a refund. They did not however inform me. No email, no telephone call. A completely wasted trip into town. Not happy.
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