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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Office Party...

A few weeks ago Stu, Tim, Andy, Kev and I went to the show Office Party at the Pleasance Theatre in London's glitzy Islington. Featuring the legend that is cabaret artist Ursula Martinez (La Clique, La Soiree) and the super-talent that is super-funny Christopher Green (Tina C, Ida Barr) we were treated to an office party with a twist. It was a faux/real party with comedy, cabaret and scandalous behaviour at Product Solutions annual bash. With 14 actors spread across seven rooms it was cerayinly a fun night out. We threw outselves into the show with gusto - which is really what you have to do as a 'guest'. Set in a purpose-built "office" and featuring a variety of comedians and avant-garde performers, Office Party is an interactive theatrical extravaganza that celebrates and subverts the traditional work night out. More photos here

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