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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Olympics Tickets...

Good News / Bad News. We got some Olympic tickets! But only £86 worth :-( So we won't be able to apply in the 2nd ballot as that only for people who got nothing. D'oh!

Olympic ticket requests we put in for:

Athletics Maximum cost: £590
Beach Volleyball Maximum cost: £190
Cycling - Track Maximum cost: £300
Gymnastics - Artistic 1 Maximum cost: £370
Gymnastics - Artistic 2 Maximum cost: £370
Swimming Maximum cost: £370
Opening Ceremony Maximum cost: £4,024

Maximum ticket total: £6,214

£6 charge for fulfilment and secure delivery to an address in the UK

Maximum cost of application: £6,220

What we actually got charged? £86
For what event? Haven't been told yet
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