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Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures of a Plumber's Mate...

Spotted stain on bedroom ceiling. Found leak in loft. It was the bathroom toilet cistern. A bolt had cracked. When I touched the bolt it broke completely and emptied the contents of the cistern flooding the bathroom and leaking down through the house! Towels, towels, towels! And a bucket. I had one finger in the hole, water spurting in my face and trying to fumble for a screwdriver to turn off the water feed. Adventures of a Plumber's Mate is was not.

Mopped up most of the water. Hmmm, call plumber or self-fix?

Decision made. I'm going to don my swimming trunks and water-wings and fix this leak myself. Hey, it's only *water* after all. Ok, it's water under mains pressure... (Hands up who *doesn't* think I'll be calling a plumber within 5 mins?)

Floor all but dried out. Just preparing the surrounding area around the hole in the cistern where the (non-essential) holding bolt was. I'm going to plug it with cotton-wool, double-sided Sellotape, brown-paper, a self-addressed envelope, some string, sealing wax and super glue. Professional? Me?

All fixed. Used super glue and mirror sealant. In bucket loads. Just need to wait a week or two for everything to dry and set.
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