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Monday, December 13, 2010

Paloma Faith @ Barbican...

Last Friday night Darren, Stu and I went to see Paloma Faith & the Guy Barker Orchestra perform their heartbreak show Down at the End of Lonely Street at the Barbican Hall.

Backed by the forty-two piece orchestra Paloma's voice was utterly charming and exhibited a jazz sultriness that told story after story of heartbreak through an eclectic mix of the standards. Black Coffee, Cry Me A River, Let’s Get Lost, Lover Man, Wild Is The Wind, I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart Than A Young Man’s Fool were performed along side home-grown works such as Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? and Upside Down.

It was a great show - not with out it's faults (another dress rehearsal might not have gone amiss) - and we clapped and cheered throughout.

The quote on the program got it about right. ‘Sings like Billie Holiday, talks like Billie Piper. That's Paloma Faith.’ - The Independent.

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