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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

In The Heights / West Side Story...

On Monday night - and upon recommendation - we went to see 2008 Tony best musical award winner In The Heights. Hmm, the describing words "hip-hop" and "musical" didn't fill us with much hope but hey, we're open-minded guys.
The rapping was a bit naff to be honest but there were a couple of stand out songs in there trying to get out. The cast were fine with a few genuinely nice performances but the plot was piss-poor with no precious little drama so we didn't really care about anyone. It's closing early next year. Quite.
On Tuesday night we thought we were on safer ground and went to see West Side Story in Times Sq itself. And sure enough we were. It was a great show. The songs were delivered perfectly with the nice touch of some being sung in Spanish. The dancing was great too and we got really caught up in the story. As for that cast, boy, some of those Jets and Sharks were handsome. Glad we were in the third row. We got a real eyeful.
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