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Friday, August 14, 2009

The NHS...

I had a dilemma over the NHS recently.

We get private health cover at work and I had to see a specialist (for something fairly trivial I might add). The dilemma? Should I go NHS or should I go private for my treatment?

In the end I went NHS but was conscious I might be using up some of its valuable resources unnecessarily when the private healthcare was already paid for. Granted I'd probably have seen the same specialist in either option!

Did I do the right thing?


  1. Anonymous2:40 pm

    If you have private health care fine use it but at the same time you have paid your NIC so no guilt in using the NHS. If everyone was as consciencious then the NHS would have no problems!

  2. And the NHS keeps most of my friends in gainful employement!

  3. Anonymous6:22 pm

    you have every right to use the NHS but I would use the private medical care everytime, the specialist listens to you, takes their time and gives a better service... well from my experience anyway


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