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Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Awakening...

Last night Stu treated me to dinner and a show. For dinner we went to Sway (great food and great service). For the show we went to the Novello Theatre in London's glitzy West End to see Spring Awakening, the musical based on Frank Wedekind's groundbreaking 1890s play exploring teenage sexual awakening.

It was fab. It retained it's period setting by way of the set, costumes and language whilst the songs were really quite contemporary. We touched on elements of angst, school pressure, parental pressure, lack of sex education, dating failure, suicide, child abuse, unwanted pregnancy, abortion - all the usual teenage things!

So it was Busted meets Oliver Twist. A sort of 19th Century musical version of Skins - set in Germany.


  1. Anonymous6:27 am

    are you sure this was good? it looks annoying and a bit irritating although the adverts are great on the tube.

  2. Many years ago, I acted in Fruhlings Erwachen (the German language original). I did the solo w@nk scene, the group w@nk scene and the gay love scene. And all in front of the German Ambassador, no less.


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