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Thursday, April 30, 2009

EDF Energy...

EDF Energy deigned to give me a refund to my electricity bill of £265.54 a few days ago. Money that they had overcharged me over the past three months. The swines! (An insult that has some resonance of late).


  1. Anonymous7:03 pm

    F*** me you must have one hell of a power bill! I'm on £80/mth d/debit and still in credit!

  2. I was on £80 a month too. Then 3 months ago for no reason they put me up to £120 a month! I comlained and complained. Finally I got my refund.

  3. Anonymous2:45 pm

    You do realise that, if you are on direct debit and you have your account in CREDIT, you can ask for the money to be refunded at ANY time and they HAVE to replay it?

    So save "complaining" and just demand the refund - or cancel the direct debit until they do it!


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