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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nouvelle Vague...

Last Friday Stu and went to the NFT to see a couple of French films in their Nouvelle Vague season.

The first was Zazie dans le Métro (1960). A really sweet (and funny) story of how provincial 12 year-old Zazie stays in Paris with her Uncle Gabriel (a female impersonator) for two days, while her mother spends some time with her lover. Zazie manages to evade her uncle's custody, however, and, métro strike notwithstanding, sets out to explore the city on her own. It is a hilarious story not too distant from a Carry On film at times in it's absurdity. Much of the film is shot as a pastiche of other film styles - slapstick, jump-cut and cartoon being the obvious ones. We loved it.

The second film we saw was And God Created Woman (Et Dieu… créa la femme) (1956) a starlet vehicle for director Roger Vadim's nubile missus Brigitte Bardot. The film tells the story of Juliette, an 18-year old orphan with a high level of sexual energy. Barefooted she captivates all the men around her - jealousy and social commentary abound. Fab. The scene of Bardot dancing barefoot on a table is arguably one of the sexiest scenes put on celluloid.


  1. Anonymous9:27 am

    check out a band apart by jean luc goddard too and a bout de souffle - you'll like those i reckon. And you wont help but be able to fall for jean seberg as she is beautiful