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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Decorators Caulk...

Hudd gave me a shopping list of things to get at the DIY store. "We need some Decorators Caulk", he said. He wasn't grinning so I guessed that that was what we needed. Some Decorators Caulk.

Fast forward twenty minutes and I was at the counter of the DIY store. "Can I have some Decorators Caulk please?" All smirks behind the counter. "Quick hardening or slow hardening?" says the guy. "Quick hardening", say I. "We only have white. We don't do black caulk. That OK?". More smirking. I redden somewhat realising that they are taking the piss out of me. "No, that's fine. White's fine. Four please".

After I get back Hudd tells we. It's pronounced "cork" not "cock". Opps.


  1. Anonymous5:29 am

    In the States we definitely pronounce it "cock". You can blame all those Yank DIY shows you watch ;)

  2. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Once you've had black caulk.....

  3. It's even sometimes called decorators knob as a nod to the mispronunciation.


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