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Monday, April 14, 2008

Yazoo News: Don't Go (8 times), Only You (6 times)...

In Your Room, the highly anticipated Yazoo 4 disc box set is to be released in the UK/Europe on 26th May 2008. The box set features remastered and 5.1 mixes of both Yazoo's classic albums Upstairs At Eric's and You And Me Both, b-sides and remixes. In addition the DVD features classic Yazoo television performances from the BBC, promotional videos and a new short film containing exclusive new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet. This will be proceeded by a 12" vinyl release of 'Nobodys Diary' on the 12 May 2008. Record Store will be doing a 12" and digital bundle offer including an exclusive mix - "Nobody’s Diary – Soil In The Synth Remix".

- In Your Room Track Listing -
Disc 1 (CD): Upstairs at Eric's (Remastered)
01) Don't Go
02) Too Pieces
03) Bad Connection
04) I Before E Except After C
05) Midnight
06) In My Room
07) Only You
08) Goodbye '70s
09) Tuesday
10) Winter Kills
11) Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)

Disc 2 (CD): You And Me Both (Remastered)
01) Nobody's Diary
02) Softly Over
03) Sweet Thing
04) Mr Blue
05) Good Times
06) Walk Away From Love
07) Ode To Boy
08) Unmarked
09) Anyone
10) Happy People
11) And On

Disc 3 (CD): B-Sides and Remixes
01) Situation
02) Situation (Extended Version)
03) Don't Go (Re-mix)
04) Don't Go (Re-re-mix)
05) Situation (US 12" Mix)
06) Situation (US 12" Dub)
07) The Other Side Of Love
08) The Other Side Of Love (12" Remix)
09) State Farm
10) Nobody's Diary (Extended)
11) State Farm (Extended)
12) Situation (Re-recorded)

Disc 4 (DVD)
- "2 albums, 4 singles and that was it..." -
A short film featuring new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet, and exclusive archive footage.

- Promotional Videos -
01) Don't Go
02) The Other Side Of Love
03) Nobody's Diary
04) Situation (1990)
05) Situation - Alternative Version (1990)
06) Only You (1999)

- Yazoo At The BBC -
01) Only You (Top Of The Pops) - 29 Apr 1982
02) Only You (Cheggers Plays Pop) - 24 May 1982
03) Don't Go (Top Of The Pops) - 15 Jul 1982
04) Don't Go (Saturday Live) - 24 Jul 1982
05) Don't Go (Top Of The Pops) - 12 Aug 1982
06) The Other Side Of Love (Top Of The Pops) - 25 Nov 1982
07) The Other Side Of Love (Top Of The Pops) - 09 Dec 1982
08) Nobody's Diary (Top Of The Pops) - 19 May 1983
09) Nobody's Diary (Top Of The Pops) - 02 Jun 1983

- 5:1 And Stereo Mixes -
Upstairs At Erics
You and Me Both


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