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Friday, April 25, 2008

Pub Quiz...

We were back at the Hemingford Arms last night with Andrew, Tim, Sam el al for another bash at their weekly pub quiz. We'd been there before (and won) but this time we weren't so lucky. Or to be more honest we were beaten fair and square. We got twenty-four right out of thrity. The winner got twenty-eight and the fifty-six pound cash prize.

The questions were as varied and random as ever. We were given a drink and had to say what two fruit juices had been mixed together. We were asked what is tuber melanosporum? The Hawaiian alphabet has only twelve letters: five vowels and seven consonants. Name at least four of the consonants. And the how many number ones did the Beatles have in a row, how many chromosome pairs does the normal human have and how old was the boy left home alone in Home Alone? All good stuff.

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