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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Producers...
Last night I went tout seul to see super-group The Producers perform at the Jazz Cafe in Camden ritzy Parkway.

The Producers are Trevor Horn, Lol Crème, Stephen Lipson, Chris Braide and Ash Soan. The night was mainly a showcase for their new CD, Studio 1, but there were plenty of their collective oeuvre. Peppered with lots of onstage banter.

The set list was:
01. Two Tribes (with that driving thrusting bass)
02. You And I (newie - a la PSB/Robbie)
03. Right Time (newie - a sweet ballad)
04. Barking Up The Right Tree (new single - plinking, plonking pop)
05. Music from Bel Air (newie - about his 'small' 7 bedroom house in Bel Air)
06. Rubber Bullets (10cc - a test tube full according to Jonathan King)
07. Your Life (newie - atmospheric very PSB, very YES, bit like 'This Is You Life')
08. If I Was Invisible (Chris Braide penned song originally for American Idol Clay Aiken)
09. Freeway (newie - a la Buggles' Clean, Clean)
10. Man on the Moon (newie - sweet little Let's Go Fly A Kite power ballad)
11. Elvis In Vegas / Looking For Love (newie - escort agency ditty a la Buggles' I Love You Miss Robot...)
12. I'm Not In Love (semenal seminal 10cc hit)
13. Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles crowd pleaser)
14. Slave To The Rhythm (encore - with guest vocalist being... wait for it... "Ladies and Gentleman..." "Heeeeere's... Tina!" Yes, Miss Tina Charles! The woman we all Love to Love - and the original 'doo, do-do-do, doo' vocalist on Video Killed the Radio Star dontcha know?)
And what a great way to end the set. The session musicians had spoken.

Incidentally, the other one from 10cc (no, not Godley, the one with the moon face) was there - talking loudly during the songs. Clot.

And Trevor Horn's family are there too - I steered clear of his son. Obviously.

A fun night. Who knew I could have so much fun by myself? Well, me and 200 other Trevor Horn fans (Hornies?).


  1. Anonymous10:28 am

    Wow, you learn something new every day. I had no idea about Tina Charles singing on the Buggles song (did you see her on TOTP2's disco special? She was almost as good as Liquid Gold).
    And I had to laugh about you staying clear from Trevor´s son. Ha ha ha, his poor mother. I bet Holly Johnson wasn´t too sad when he heard the news...

  2. His family look so much like him. His brother is a Trevor Horn clone!

  3. Anonymous7:26 am

    you saw his family.Does this mean that Jill was there too?Is she better now?


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