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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Matthew Bourne: The Car Man...
Last night Stu and I went to the Saddler's Wells to see a restaging of Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man. The action takes place in and around a garage in the fictional, vaguely Western, small town of Harmony, USA, population 375. That number will go down before the night is over.

After their hard day at work the car mechanics at the garage go upstairs and take a rather revealing communal shower, accompanied by Bizet’s famous Toreador Song. This is only the first of a host of musical jokes in a performance that can be as funny as it is moving. The action really shifts up a gear though when a handsome drifter called Luca turns up at the garage - for he is both the Car Man of the title and the Carmen of the plot.

The Car Man is a theatrical tour de force: fast, funny, physical, sexy and extremely violent. Part ballet, part modern dance and a whole lot of Broadway Bourne’s choreography is intensely physical and full of graphic sexuality. Even we were a little taken a back at the amount of gay sex in it. But then we shouldn't have been surprised after seeing Swan Lake.

Go see.

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