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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marc Almond is 50...
Last night Stu, Davie, Paul, David and I all went to the Shepherd's Bush Empire to see Marc Almond perform. And what a show it was. Back on form after his near-fatal accident Marc was obviously enjoying himself from start to finish. Sure there were the forgotten lines, sure there was the minor tantrum during What Makes A Man A Man? (when isn't there?) and sure he wasn't always spot on with his set list choices. But boy did he put on a good show. There were no snazzy lights, no swelling orchestra and no go-go boys. Just Marc doing what he does best. Singing.

He plundered his back catalogue fairly thoroughly; my own personal golden nuggets were Tears Run Rings, Ruby Red, My Hand Over My Heart and his newy Redeem Me (Beauty Will Redeem The World). Of course the sing-a-long songs were there too towards the end and I think his fans have earned the right to join him in Say Hello, Wave Goodbye and Tainted Love on this special occasion.

And hardcore fans there were. Everywhere. The crowd was packed full of people I knew from way back when - some I'd not seen in 20 years or more and others I'd only met at Marc gigs in such far flung places at Bremmen and Istanbul.

It really was like being at a party. A birthday party. A 50th birthday party. Of a survivor. A survivor that gives me goose bumps when I see him perform live. He's back on form and back in my heart. I love you Marc. Happy Birthday.

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  1. Anonymous8:29 am

    It was worth every Euro i spent on it and more !!!! I saw 20 years of my life flash by before my eyes...but didn't die luckily :-)Here's to the next 50 then !


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