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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

David McAlmont...

Last night Stuart, David, Darren, David and I went to see David McAlmont at London's glitzy Jazz Cafe.

McAlmont was simply wonderful. Effortless holding both the audience's attention and every note. He was promoting his new album Set One - You Go to My Head so we were treated to many standards such as You Go To My Head itself, Night and Day, Saving All My Love For You, Black Coffee, Under My Skin, One for My Baby, A Certain Smile and Shadow of Your Smile.

For an encore out came Bernard Butler and we were then treated to the magnificent Yes, Falling and Speed (the new single).

The high point of the evening for me was the rather saucy cover of Bessie Smith's Kitchen Man. "When I eat his donuts, all I leave is the hole / Anytime he wants to, why, he can use my sugar bowl." Marvelous.


  1. Anonymous8:21 am

    I AM ABSOLUTELY JEALOUS! His version of I PUT A SPELL ON YOU from the MOJO-soundtrack is thrilling!

  2. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Did you ever hear about the time Andy and I had a VERY drunken lunch with McAlmont & Butler - resulting in us nearly being thrown out of Balan's for inapropriate behaviour.......

  3. Anonymous4:14 pm

    I thught I was being a bit of a drama queen (who> Moi?) when I realised I had tears runing down my cheeks during "Never Never Never" till I saw Darren had, too.


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