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Friday, January 07, 2005

Celebrity Big Brother 3...
The 'celebrities' went into the Big Brother house last night for the start of their two week 'ordeal' at the hand of 'Evil' Big Brother (ok, enough with the quotation marks already - assume irony implied). No real surprises in the group. Just top notch class all the way.

The opening odds are:
Bez (from The Happy Mondays)) 2-1
Jeremy Edwards (from Holby City) 4-1
Kenzie (from Blazin' Squad) 5-1
Caprice (from her own little Barbie world) 7-1
Lisa I'Anson (ex-Radio 1) 7-1
John McCririck (from Channel Four racing) 8-1
Brigitte Nielsen (from Arnie and then Sylvester Stallone) 12-1
Germaine Greer (from the 60s) 16-1

OK. Let's be honest. What a bunch of attention seeking, D-list, wannabe, talentless, losers they all are!

Needless to say I'll be gripped.

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