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Monday, January 31, 2005

Blockage Films...
Marky and I have been catching up on some of our DVD 'blockages' recently. DVD blockages are those films from our DVD rental list that you get in the post (we use LoveFilm.com), really want to watch, but never seem to find the right moment.

Up until recently we had three blockages: The Passion Of The Christ, Russian Ark and The Virgin Suicides.

Don't get me wrong, these are all films that we do really want to watch - it's just when we get home of an evening and have eaten it's more likely to be something fluffy like Will & Grace or Frasier we want to relax with rather than a brutal gore-fest in Aramaic.

Well, this weekend we finally we found the time to actually sit down and watch The Passion Of The Christ. And OMG! What a relentless-to-the-point-of-being-boring blood bath it is. It just doesn't give up. We had an unflinching twenty minutes of beating with skin and flesh being lashed away from Jesus's body. Blood spurting everywhere. We had a bone cracking close up of Jesus's shoulder being dislocated. We had close ups on each nail being driven through Jesus's hands and feet. Again blood spurting everywhere. It was like a zombie / slasher B-movie. Maybe I missed the point of the film but if it's Jesus literally suffered for our sins - I get it. I really do. But this was torture. Torture on the screen and torture to watch. I think it could have been as powerful to relate the suffering in a less graphic way. The less is more approach. Stabbing and cutting and abusing an already bloodied body added nothing to the story. It just seemed grotesque. My 2p.

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