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Monday, October 11, 2004

Cybill Disobedience...
On Saturday night all my favourite redheads (Marky, Drew, Mikey) and I went to see the rather disappointing Cybill Shepherd show Cybill Disobedience at the Soho Theatre. It's hard to pinpoint what it was that made it quite such a flop. It was scripted OK but perhaps not quite well enough. The singing was fine but her choice of songs was rather er... unusual. Most of the anecdotes we'd heard before.

Cybill tried to have her cake and eat it - criticising many of the very things that made her so famous and yet living off them. She dished Elvis, Bruce Willis, read from her book (on sale in the foyer - ker-ching!), she showed us oh-too-many family snaps (cringingly self-indulgent) and happily let her jazz duo perform instrumental(!) As I say, disappointing.

The show lasted. a mere 60 minutes after which Mikey, Drew and I headed off to Duckie to join Ian, Charlie, David, Roberto et al. Not content with the 2am finish at Duckie Ian, Drew and I then proceeded to Crash. Lordy.

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