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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Beckham admits deliberate booking...
I don't know whether you saw the football match on Saturday - England were playing Wales. It was good to watch. Nice goal by David Beckham. The shine was perhaps taking off a little by his accidental late tackle of Thatcher. This tackle was especially unfortunate as he had only been a yellow card away from a one-game ban. Now it was assured. He was to miss out on the next game against Azerbarjan tomorrow. What bad luck. And it was an accidental late tackle, surely? Surely.

Well, the surprising news today is that Beckham has admitted deliberately getting booked during the match in order to get his suspension out of the way. England's captain said he knew he had broken ribs in an earlier tackle and would be out for a month.

Beckham told the Daily Telegraph: "It was deliberate. I knew I will be out for a few weeks, so I thought 'Let's get the yellow card out of the way'. I'm sure some people think that I have not got the brains to be that clever. But I do have the brains. I could feel the injury. So I fouled (Ben) Thatcher."

So it was a deliberate foul, huh? Call that brains??? That should be a THREE match ban at least, you muppet! It's cheating!

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