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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Spot The Connection : 25 clues...
This may help with the connection or it may completely confuse you. 25 clues and 19 tracks.

In the style of the Russian Ballet - Women In Love
I did the right thing - Aileen: Life And Death of A Serial Killer
It wasn't my fault - The Victim
That's alright, Agatha - Carry On At Your Convenience
I was having sex with the little fella - Fargo
I specialise in naughty nights - A Change Of Sex
Hazel O'Connor's Scream - Breaking Glass
Michael, the cops are here - Party Monster
Where's the fucking head? - Curb Your Enthusiasm
Kill her, Mommy - Friday The 13th
The sea queen - Storm In A Tea Cup
This is Steed and this is Emma - The Avengers
Because I am not one of your fans - Mommy Dearest
Back to the village, love - Cornation Street
What I am, Michael - Boys In The Band
Not to mention my screams - Anna from This Life
I'm not coming back in - The 1900 House
They're still open - Nighty Night
And there was a little cherry - The Pan's People Documentary
The one and only, Kelly! - Jeremy Joseph
You're gonna die up there - The Exocist
Have you got your cans? - Side By Side
It's time to go - The Amazing Mr Blunden
Sorry - Pop Idol
In league with the devil - ?

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