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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Poor old BBC is to close a few web sites...
The Graf Report on the BBC's online services gives it a bit of a rap across the knuckles. Apparently the BBC has been straying into commercial operations and having an adverse impact on competition. Can this be right? Not the poor old BBC? Surely it only has a couple of web sites anyway. What possible harm could they do?

And what was the BBC's response to this wild accusation? It immediately closed five of it's web sites down (including Fantasy Football and Pure Soap).

But wait. To put this into some perspective, just how many web sites does the BBC actually run? And at what cost? Yesterday's Guardian proudly told us. It reported that the BBC's online presence "runs to 20,000 websites" and costs "£90m per annum after distribution and other costs were taken into account". What the...?! 20,000 web sites! £90m! That is incredible. What the hell are they doing? Sure BBC News is fantastic but what about the 19,999 others?! Enlighten me someone, please.

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