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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Cyndi Lauper @ Royal Albert Hall...

Last night Stuart, Darren, and I went to see Cyndi Lauper perform at the Royal Albert Hall in glitzy South Kensington.
Last time I saw her was on her Bring Ya To The Brink World Tour in 2008. Back then she was great. Last night, not so much.
The good: she was there, the hits were all there.
The bad: she sounded awful, woefully unrehearsed, the set was very short (80 mins).
The sound was dreadful. Time After Time made us wince. The trumpet player sounded like a 4-year-old with new Christmas present. The guitarist like he’d only just finished Guitars for Dummies. 

I hope Blogger mutes my video - if it can recognise the tune! 🤪
True Colors stopped and started more often than the Piccadilly Line on a hot day.
Yes, there were glimpses of her incredible stage presence like in 'I Drove All Night', but these were few and far between.
Yes, she acknowledged Pride Month and she has done amazing work with her True Colors and her Girls Just Want to Have Fun charities.
But we were there to hear her sing.
Was this a dress rehearsal for her Glastonbury gig? Probably. 
Let's hope she gets a chance to run through the sound cues and setlist a few more times before Saturday afternoon and sort out those sound issues.
Even the late appearance of six drag artists for the last song of the night did little to save the night.
Set List
The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
She Bop
Into the Nightlife
Rocking Chair
I Drove All Night
Change of Heart
Time After Time
When You Were Mine (Prince cover)
Fearless (Acapella)
Money Changes Everything (The Brains cover)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Savage Daughter (Sarah Hester Ross cover) (Acapella Snippet)
Not My Father's Son (Snippet)
True Colors
Hey Now, Girls Just Want to Have Fun (With drag artists - Michael Marouli, Jonbers Blonde, Tete Bang, Tomara Thomas, Chiyo and Joan Oh)

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