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Thursday, June 20, 2024


As a man living in the UK I have got a 50/50 chance of living until I’m 85 years old.

So for me an average chance of seeing another 23 birthdays, another 23 Christmases, another 23 Springs, another 23 Summers, and another 23 New Years, and another 23 chances of Arsenal to win the league. 

A 50/50 chance of spending another 12,000 Friday nights out and another 12,000 Saturday mornings recovering. Every pleasure has its price!

23 years hence is 2047. 
23 years back is 2001. 

The universe was here long time before I was, and will be here a long time after I’m gone. 

Hopefully my atoms can be of some use once I’m gone. 

Far from being a depressing or reflective thing I look at as an opportunity.

An opportunity to enjoy myself, to help others, to make my mark, and to hug more. To live each day like it’s my last. And that’s what I do. 

And that’s a joyous thing. 

Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. 

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