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Thursday, May 02, 2024

Puerto Rico: Day 7…

Yesterday was a fabulous day. A long day, mind you. An 11 hour trip. But great fun. It was a real adventure. 

We went deep down a sink hole. Walked a rainforest. Swam upstream to a waterfall. Fought off some creepy crawlies. And saw some ancient petroglyphs. All very Indiana Jones. 

Local hunk Jose Falcon was our guide for the day. He drove Stuart, I and small group of others around Puerto Rico in his van showing us the sights and sounds and taking us on a rather fabulous journey. 

We started at Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Río Camuy. It was 400 metres down to a bat-filled cavern connecting two massive sink holes. We saw golden silk spiders, crickets (mating!), snails, bats, snakes, and lizards. It was pitch black in parts. Partly because my safety-helmet lamp packed in!

Back to the surface and after a rather marvellous Puerto Rican lunch we then trekked up the Rio Tanama. Well, I say trekked. It was mainly swimming. And stumbling. And scrambling. The recent rainfall had swollen the river. A river with a strong current strewn with rocks. 
The waterfall, when we got there, was impressive. Man-made back in 1923 when a hydroelectric power station was built. Long abandoned though. 
Stupidly, I cut my thumb rather badly on some underwater rocks. Nothing serious. But it will scar. 

After that we headed to Cueva del Indio to a pretty spectacular beach with crashing waves. The climb up the nearby cliffs offered amazing views of the famous seven sea arches. Further up still was the Indian’s Cave - a 8000 year old cave filled with petroglyphs. Pretty special. 

We drove back to San Juan utterly knackered but pleased we’d had had such an adventure. 

A good day. 

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