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Thursday, May 30, 2024

“Can I have a quiet word with you?”…

A few weeks ago while waiting in a packed Emirates Stadium concourse for kickoff, a guy tapped me on the back of the shoulder. I looked round. He gestured for me to step away from the group of people I was with and said, "Can I have a quiet word with you?"  He was American. 
I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted, but he didn’t look like he was going to hit me!
"Sure", I replied
And indeed, he spoke in quiet, hushed tones and said this,
“I live in Boston. I just wanted to say 'thank you' for everything you’ve been doing. For your community. The gay community. I have a 14 year old trans daughter who is a big Arsenal fan. She has been slightly struggling at school. I struggle too. To talk with her. But one of the things she looks forward to is reading your gay-related posts on Twitter and Instagram about what you get up supporting Arsenal and stuff with the gaygooners. Where you go. Your trips. Your get togethers. It means she and I can have conversations together about Arsenal, the matches, and other queer people and about trans issues too. I can’t tell you what an amazing thing it is to have a topic, a conversation that we can talk about together. We can talk about the Arsenal and look at the photos of gay… queer people too.  So thank you very much it means a lot to me and to my daughter. I hope to bring her to a game when she’s old enough"
I was a bit overcome.
So I said, "That’s really very kind of you. The gaygooners is obviously a joint effort and we all work very hard to make everybody feel included in the Arsenal family. I do post a lot of photos myself - my own trips and ones with the gaygooners - so I’m glad your daughter has seen them"
Just before he walked away I asked, "Do you mind if I ask you one question though?"
"Sure", he said
"How did you know it was me to speak? How did you find me? This place is packed."
And he said, "Oh, we know who you are! I saw you on the big screen. And I recognised you from Instagram”

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