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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Charity, Sweetie…

A week or two back Stuart and I tried to drop off an old 1980s Habitat Hungary crockery dinner set off at our local Marie Curie charity shop. Three very large boxes. It was a big set. Over a 120 pieces. So we had it on a trolley. 

One of two people behind the counter, a man, was a little short with us, “No, we can’t take it as we can’t sell them. Try the Crisis shop up the road.”

Oh. Ok. 

So we left the shop. As we were walking away the woman who had also been behind the counter came running after us. Turns out she was the manager. 

“Sorry about that, of course we can take your dinner service!  We can sell it easily. Thank you”
I’d taken a photograph of the whole set and it was pinned on the outside of the box so she had seen it was quite a nice one I think. 

So we when we went back into the shop, the man behind the counter ate so much Humble Pie I thought he was gonna throw up. 
“Hello again. What’s that we’ve got here? Wow! Looks lovely. That will fly off the shelves. Are you registered for Gift Aid?” Etc etc. 
I could only imagine the conversation that must’ve gone on in-between our first and second visits ! 

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