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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Arsenal 2 - 1 Brentford…

The sight of Ramsdale cupping his ears towards the Brentford fans last night after Havertz's late winner was a clear indication of his relief.  And ours. 

Arsenal had been in utter control in the first half. Rice scored a beauty after 19 minutes. Things were going great.  

But then Ramsdale allowed Brentford back into the game just before the break, dawdling on a backpass under little pressure and taking an extra touch which allowed a sliding Wissa to block the attempted clearance.  

Ramsdale could only watch aghast as the ball looped back into his goal, leaving him looking distraught and stunning us all into silence. WTF!  

Brentford’s game plan kicked in in the second half; fall to the ground at every opportunity. And if proof be needed that this was trickish behaviour, the Brentford physios didn’t come on - which if they did have would have meant each player would have had to leave the field of play for the usual 30 seconds.   None did. 

So hilariously, when Havertz pulled us ahead again after 86 minutes those diving Brentford players suddenly all then turned into Benny Hill characters running around like ants on a hot plate! So funny.   

A great result. 

Top of the League (for a bit anyway).   

Onwards and upwards, my friends.   


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