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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Paying off energy bill in full now rather than @EDFEnergy confusing semi-annual smoothing. Saved a packet.

<grumble mode on>

We have a massive dual-fuel credit (£1146) with EDF and still big monthly DD payments (£172).  Daft. Our energy usage nothing like £172 even in the most usage month in winter.

What’s more at this time of year (May) there should be roughly zero credit, right?

So I’ve switched to pay off each month’s bill in full rather than using EDF’s confusing semi-annual smoothing bills. 

It was easy to do. On their web site. 

Net result: Monthly DD now plummeted down to £133/month! (£39/23% drop.)
EDF still have £386 of my money in credit - but I can live with that - so nothing to pay to EDF for 3 months or so.  

<grumble mode off>

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