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Friday, May 19, 2023

Alison Goldfrapp @ HERE at Outernet... @alison_goldfrapp

MLast night Simon, Darren, Stuart, I (and what seemed like a dangerously large number of other people) packed into the four-floor down underground 'let's not call it a firetrap' that is HERE at Outernet to watch the sublime Alison Goldfrapp perform her maiden album The Love Invention along with a bunch of up-tempo Goldfrapp tracks.
Alison was in fine form. The sound was great. The songs top notch. It's just the venue... the pushy crowd, the slow bar service, the poor sight lines, the chatting that left something to be desired. 
I suspect her gig at Somerset House in early July soon will be far superior.
Hotel (Suite 23)
Love Invention
Believer (Goldfrapp song)
Digging Deeper
In Electric Blue
Number 1 (Goldfrapp song)
The Beat Divine
Impossible (Rรถyksopp cover)
Anymore (Goldfrapp song)
Gatto Gelato
Strict Machine (Goldfrapp song)
Rocket (Goldfrapp song)
So Hard So Hot
Ride a White Horse (Goldfrapp song)
Fever (This Is the Real Thing)


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