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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Goodbye Dominic Raab. 2 As and a B. And good riddance.

I can’t let a recent political event pass without some comment. And it concerns the recent forehead-throbbing arrogant arse-wipe that is Dominic Raab and his ‘reluctant’ resignation after a full six months of investigation into bullying his staff. Yes, there was that much evidence against him. 

Consequences aren’t meant to come for men like you, are they, Dominic Raab?

I think can spot a bully a mile off. So when I first heard that there were ‘at least’ twenty-four separate civil servants involved in complaints against Raab my Spidey sense was tingling. 

We’ve all heard those words before you see, ‘I’m robust’,  ‘honest to a fault’, ‘a perfectionist with high standards,’ words that anyone who’s ever worked under a bully know are code for. 

Well, the investigation report is out now. And it makes for some pretty damning reading. 

Oh and Rishi Sunak ‘doesn’t recognise the characterisation’ of you as a raging bully, once again displaying just how hopelessly beyond the concerns of mere mortals his obscene wealth put him. 

Of course Sunak wouldn’t recognise the suffering of a few lowly civil servants. They’re downstairs people, aren’t they Sunak?

We really are at the fag end of this miserable government, pinwheeling from one pathetic scandal to another. 

Sunak is utterly trapped by his own spinelessness, knowing full well as he attempts to wiggle free that his authority is an illusion. It’s out of sheer desperation that he’s cleaving to embarrassing figures like Raab and Braverman; nasty, stunted little people who would be political deadwood in an administration with any genuine claim to ethical standards of any description.

Sunak’s not a leader and nor is he a man of principle and conviction. He’s a charlatan with no vision or legitimacy, forced by virtue of his own tenuous grip on power to let every scandal play out torturously in the press before he can even think about acting to resolve them. The threat of rebellion looms over him constantly, rendering him utterly impotent to punish even the most brazen misconduct. Just like Zahawi, Dominic Raab is a man without contrition, defiant until the very end.

The irony here is that the playground bully has gone and the hopeless weakling is left standing. 

Goodbye Dominic Raab. 2 As and a B. And good riddance.

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